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Columbia Valley Native Host Plants

Butterflies can only survive with their specific host plant.
No host plants, no butterflies. ​
It's really that simple.

bouteloua gracilis.png

Blue Grama 

Bouteloua gracilis

Wonderful clump forming grasses that have an airy texture that adds a dynamic effect to a garden design. They are important meadow species that supports a large number of animals and insects

viola canadensis.jpg

Canada Violet

Viola canadensis

A lovely ground cover for the semi-shade, preferring a bit of moisture. They can grow into a thick blanket of violets which have some of the earliest blooms of the year. 

viola adunca.png

Early Blue Violet

Viola adunca

The earliest blooming of the violets with a luxurious blue bloom colour. Can handle a touch drier soils and an important host plant for the stunning Myrtle's Silverspot butterfly. 

Betula papyrifera_edited.png

Paper Birch

Betula papyrifera

Keystone trees that provide for all manor of organisms. If you want to provide for the pollinators, birches are a valuable tree species. 

zizia aptera_edited.png

Heart-leaf Zizia

Zizia aptera

Lovely early blooming yellow umbels with thick leaves that Anise Swallowtail butterflies depend on for food. A great plant to allow to spread like under a tree. 

erigeron glacialis rockslide checkerspot_edited.jpg

Subalpine Fleabane

Erigeron glacialis

Drop dead gorgeous, soft lavender coloured daisies. I have no idea how these wonderful native plants haven't taken gardens by storm. Host plant to the adorable Rockslide Checkerspot. 

penstemon procerus_edited.png

Small-flower Beardtongue

Penstemon procerus

These stunningly beautiful native Penstemons are to die for. They are wonderful en masse in a rock garden. Very drought tolerant and will self seed politely to fill in the gaps. 

dicentra formosa.png

Pacific Bleeding Heart

Dicentra formosa

This delicate looking shade lover wants the north side of your house in the shade. At home in the woodlands, these are a must have with elegant ferny foliage and watching bees pry open blooms

urtica gracilis.png

Slender Nettles

Urtica dioica ssp gracilis

An incredibly valuable plant that establishes into a small patch, typically in a moist woodland setting. The edible leaves and shoots are very nutritious and nettles are host to many butterfly species

western snowberry_edited.png

Western Snowberry

Symphoricarpos occidentalis

A small, multi-stemmed suckering shrub that forms dense thickets of knee to waist high branches. Delicate pinkish white flowers followed by white berries into winter. Important food source for deer and birds. 

rockslide checkerspot_edited_edited.png
ochre ringlet blue grama_edited.png
anicia checkerspot_edited.png
Speyeria zerene myrtleae.PNG
anise swallowtail_edited.png
great spangled fritillary_edited.png
green coma_edited.png
red admiral_edited.png
clodius parnassian_edited.png
snowberry checkerspot_edited.png

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