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Our Services

Our mission is to create thriving native ecosystems and ecologically appropriate residential meadows and gardens to help rewild our community. Book a consult today.


627 HWY 95 S 

Golden, BC





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Lawns to Meadows

Converting lawns into native plant meadows helps invite nature and improve biodiversity in your yard. Low maintenance, no mowing or fertilizing required!

Growing Native Plants

We own and operate a small scale nursery to provide seed grown native plants for our landscaping projects. We do annual plant sales to share our love for plants with you.

Native Seed

Growing from seed is a great way to learn your plants. Seeing how they germinate and nursing them from seedling to flowering is rewarding and connects you to your garden. 

Garden Design

We design resilient gardens and choose plant species that will thrive in your spaces. Choosing the right plant for the right growing conditions can be daunting. This is our specialty.

Plant Surveys

Offering a plant survey service allows us to help educate you on what native plants already thrive on your property. We give an in-depth report as to what habitats and plants are present.

Custom Growing

We offer custom growing for your projects. This is a service that allows us to contract grow for your garden needs. 

What Our Clients Say

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Queen Bumblebee

"The lawn to meadow project that Nick and his team installed allowed me a diverse floral ecosystem that fed me and my offspring all season long!"
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