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Our Happy Family

In 2015, we made the cross-Canada trek to the mountains in search of happiness together. Seven years later we have a loving marriage, two rugrats, and an incredible slice of paradise. We do both work full-time and have two young children, so please be patient with us, we're doing our best. =)

Our little homestead has grown every year as we continue to observe and discover everything it has to offer and learn as we work the land.


The learning never stops and we've really taken a deep dive into ecological gardening with a focus on native plants from across North America. We have many incredible native plants already present and we want to strive towards hyper-biodiversity, incorporating eastern and southern plants to our ecosystem. With the ever changing climate, adding adaptable plants that can handle extremes, while also providing food for caterpillars and a continuous succession of blooms is important to us.


We also include edible and useful plants for us as well. We're trying to combine the native plant movement and focusing on ecology while also taking permaculture principles to help us as well, since we're part of the ecosystem. 

In 2022, our focus is primarily on raising several species of native plants to incorporate into our landscape, to establish and become our seed stock for following years. We will also be collecting wild seeds to winter sow for 2023 growing season. We plan on having a fall plant sale in 2022 with the remaining plants we aren't using for our current meadow project and our own plantings here at Creeky Cedars.


This is our first year of operation and plants take time to grow and establish, so please be patient with us. I will be doing a fall presentation at the Golden Branch Library in September, where I'll be discussing ecological gardening, native plants, ecology, food webs, seed collecting, winter sowing seed, and growing natives from seed. So stay tuned!

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Hard Work

Overgrown and Neglected

Our story began when we took possession of our very first home. We had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into but we were excited to start making our property our own. The house had been a long-term rental for a number of years and besides the lawn being periodically mowed, everything was very overgrown. It took us a lot of hard work and perseverance to tackle the willows, maples, burdock, and invasive thistles, that plagued and had a firm grip of the landscape. After a few years however, we're finally making some progress! 

We continue to add to our landscape every year and it's incredible to look back upon what it once was. 



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