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aka Baby Butterflies!

Everyone loves seeing butterflies. Whether it's a childhood memory of seeing Monarch Butterflies or having an encounter with a gorgeous Swallowtail, they are the living garden fairies. Did you know however that most butterfly and moth species have very specific dietary needs for their caterpillars! If you want butterflies, you need their "baby food"!

caterpillar_PNG65 copy.png

Papilio zelicaon

Anise Swallowtail Butterfly

Host Plants: Carrot Family
Native Host Plants: Golden Alexanders

(Zizia aurea & aptera), Biscuitroots (Lomatium sp.)

Cultivated Host Plants: Fennel/(Foeniculum vulgare), Rue/(Ruta graveolens), Parsley/(Petroselinum crispum)

anise swallowtail shadow_edited_edited_e

Danaus plexippus

Monarch Butterfly

Host Plants: Milkweed Family
Native Host Plants: Regionally appropriate native milkweeds (Asclepias)

To find out which Milkweed you should grow, check out the Milkweed Guide by Monarch Joint Venture

cat milkweed_edited.jpg

Pyrrharctia isabella

Isabel Tiger Moth

Host Plants: Wide range of plants

Native Host Plants: Asters (Symphyotrichum), 

Birch (Betula sp.), Goldenrods (Solidago), Sunflowers (Helianthus)

isabela tiger moth.png

Lophocampa maculata

Spotted Tussock Moth

Host Plants: Wide range of plants

Native Host Plants: Birch (Betula sp.),

Maples (Acer sp.), Poplar (Populus sp.),

Oak (Quercus sp.), Willow (Salix sp.)

spotted tussock moth.png

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