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Native Plants

What are native plants? 
Native plants are locally evolved plants to your area.
These have evolved over millennia alongside the local wildlife and are the foundation to all ecosystems.
Plants take energy from the sun and pass it on to all other lifeforms, directly and indirectly.

Without plants, we have no life. 

Wet Loving Native Plants

This collection of native plants enjoy wet feet and can tolerate some level of soggy soils. Some of these plants can be absolute show stoppers like Joe Pye Weed! 


Prairie Native Plants

The prairies have some of the most incredible wildflowers and are some of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the Northern Hemisphere. Each prairie is so different and has its own cast of characters!


Alpine Native Plants

Hiking up a mountain you may encounter some of these alpine gems growing in the harshest places! Some of these can be grown in our gardens and thrive!


Shade Loving Native Plants

The shade can be a tough place to find plants that thrive. But there are many stunning shade lovers that can turn that dark spot into a lush oasis for pollinators!


Sunny and Dry Native Plants

Scorched earth, dry and rocky...this can be a tough place for a plant! But, there's a plethora of tough guys that have adapted to the driest and sunniest spots! Love the xeriscapes!


Oddity Native Plants

These plants are best enjoyed in the wild. Cultivation is very difficult and often requires very special fungal associations in order for these plants to live. 

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