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Our criteria for choosing a heritage breed revolved around three things: 

-Cold-hardy breed that can thrive without heated coops

-Calm disposition with gentle roosters

-Masters at free-ranging 

Very unique appearance, Orloffs seem to resemble Ptarmigans or Grouse more than your typical chicken. We continue to strive towards improving our flock and added some new genetics in 2020. We will be primarily working on our flock in 2021 and will not be offering hatching eggs.  

Developed in late 1700's.

Breed Progeny: Bruge, Thüringian, and Ushanka

Weight: Males - 8.5 lbs   Females - 6.5lbs

Height: Males 28 - inches tall   Females - 22 - inches tall

Comb: Walnut

Legs: Yellow

Beak: Yellow/Horn
Colour: Mahogany, White, Spangled

Egg Colour: Light Brown/Beige

Tall, upright breed with gamefowl appearance. Thickly feather head and neck sporting a beard, boule, and ear muffs. Because of their walnut comb, they are virtually frostbite proof and don't seem to be bothered by the cold. 

We raise Standard-sized Spangled Orloffs.

2022 no availability unfortunately.
Things are downsized at the moment, focussing on the plant nursery.



Russian Orloff 

Not your typical chicken
russian orloff hen.jpg
russian orloff hen 2.jpg
russian orloff cockerel.jpg
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Proud members of the Russian Orloff Society of USA & Canada

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